Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

C2SBook also provides for traceability of goods and services, which have subscribed to our Track-and-Trace Module which is a separate product that is to sold by the Parent Company.

Traceability of products is done through eReceipts, Warranties and Tracking. While the former two are ab-initio available, the third is to be subscribed to separately.

For those products which are subscribed to Trace-and-Track one can just needs to scan the QR Code made available and one can trace back the product to the level for which the manufacturer provides traceability.

Tracking products is accessible only to the subscribers of Trace-and-Track, which usually are the manufacturers or the Brand-owners.

Important: The verification of traceability is not undertaken by C2SBook as we only reflect the data available from third source and hence we take no responsibility of authenticity and originality of the data that is generated by third sources.