Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

Do you like attending to and weight oral proposals through 30 phone calls, immediately after you left a message on one of the service provision portals or apps or do you desire a no-nuisance approach, whereby you deliver the problem to a marketplace and let the service providers compete for your business. Where do you think will the customers get better deals?
If you are in for latter, then Download C2SBook now!

C2SBOOK provides for a unique no-nuisance procedure to procure Repairs and Maintenance services very competitively.
This is done through creation of a marketplace of all available repair & maintenance orders for which Service Centre and freelance technicians bid for.
Orders for Repair and Maintenance (hereinafter ‘R&M’) could be within Warranty or beyond Warranty and hence in case an R&M order is placed from within a Warranty, it automatically is visible only to Authorized Service Centres.
Users can put Images and videos on the order they place enabling service providers to bid sensibly and competitively.
All terms of repair and maintenance are pre-agreed and so is the time and place of submission (by the customer) or pick (by the Service Centre).
eReceipts (on goods) are issued against submission of goods for repair (in case they are). While C2SBook, draws the payment in advance from the customers, Payment for the repair is made to the service-centre only after a confirmation of completion of work is provided by the Customer.

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