Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

C2S-TEST REPORTS, C2S-CERTIFICATES AND C2S-AWARDS manifest themselves as digital coupons in eWallets for all the aforementioned three. For each of the Coupons there are two eWallets – One for Original and other for Copies. All transactions (transfer from one eWallet to another) are logged and immutably available on the Blockchain.

TEST LABS are Providers (Suppliers) of C2S-Test-Reports and C2S-Certificates, while C2S-Awards are free to be made by any organization. Therefore, LABS are required to be registered with C2SBook specifically as Labs to be able to issue said eCoupons.

C2SBook also registers Internal Labs (within an organization) that also have the right to issue C2S-Test-Reports and C2S-Certificates. These certificates are evidently marked as Internal. While those from accredited Labs marked as such.

While C2S-Test-Reports and C2S-Certificates are carried in the respective wallets. Providers creating Reviews for their Products can embed certificates & Test Reports from the eWallet carrying Original documents. Therefore, manufacturers and brand-owners can display the higher quality of their produce through presentation of the Test reports and certificates in the Product Review Section available in C2SBook, which is ensuring to customers & will affirm his confidence in the purchase, directly impacting Sales and Revenue.

In the interim, assuming not all Labs will start using our services, we allow for scanned copies of paper Test Reports and Certificates to be uploaded into Coupons created by the Manufacturer (or Brand owners) themselves. Such Certificates are marked as such – and C2SBook holds no liability on the authenticity, verification of such copies or the organizations issuing them. Therefore, while such scanned test-reports and certificates are allowed, yet we assume no responsibility of their originality, legal validity etc.

C2S-Awards can be created and offered by anyone to anyone. Nonetheless, C2SBook, qualifies Coupons of those Awarding Organizations that are prestigious. A mechanism has been developed for understanding the prestige of an award.

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