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Legal process automation is enabled by two means:

(a) Availability of all the dispute resolution mechanisms within the app along with all the participants and representatives of the resolution providers.

LEVEL A0: Aggrieved – Respondent
(in accordance with Audi Alteram Paltrum)
LEVEL A1: Possible transfer with Respondent Organization
LEVEL B0: Aggrieved – Department/Regulator/Ombudsman
LEVEL B1: Possible escalation/transfer in Department
LEVEL C1: Where applicable, escalation to Legal Mediation or
LEVEL D1: Where applicable, escalation to ARBITRATION or
LEVEL E1: Where applicable, escalation to Courts of Law

Proceeding at every level are logged and conserved with date, time & location of participants and Block-chained for immutability.

The system is dynamic and the levels may change slightly with jurisdiction.

The entire legal process of dispute resolution of all kinds, but criminal is available within the app. So are all the needed officer or representatives – those of Departments, Courts, Mediation, Arbitration etc. Ensuring that our Subscribers need to go nowhere but our app for redressal – negotiational or through courts of law.

(b) Availability of an eWallet with every grievance launched by our subscribers, all data pertaining to the case and a forum (chatroom) for negotiations, uploading of documents, evidences is accessible from within the coupon. This ensures a neat processing of the redressal for the aggrieved, respondent (who might be handling multiple grievance redressal concurrently), lawyers, conciliators etc.


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