Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

Inspiration to create C2SBook was not a Eureka moment but a result of meticulous research and thinking

A few published papers by the founders lay the foundation of C2SBook. The key problem statements we discovered & articulated are mentioned below with a link to the solution of the problem as chiseled out in our product.

Solved in C2SBook through digitization & automation of entire legal funnel, available on cloud with a smartphone app interface front-end. See the below mentioned links for a 360deg view on our solution.

This problem is resolved by creating an app that takes only 3 minutes to file a structured, well-articulated complaint with images, video, GPS and time log information – all that is required to make a complaint actionable.

In the process of expressing the hurt and resentment carried by a complainant we help him in detoxifying himself of the ill-effects of the grievances which would otherwise sediment in his psychology.

The Complaint is designed in a manner that both the objective and subjective aspects of the Complaint are captured in the short process of filing the complaints. This helps in ascertaining the future journey of the Complaint and ensuring expeditious redressal.

Grievances filed privately on paper or on portals of the respondents are sub-optimal and often ineffective, because the statistics remains with the respondent. C2SBook has a Page for each Provider with important information, which Users can check before visiting. The Page contains recent grievances, consolidated feedback and consolidated rating.

Additionally, when users complain through C2SBook, vital statistics are gathered and published annually. The publication is called ‘State of People’s Affairs’. It is intended to be most widely distributed and public will be made aware about this report so that users can make informed decisions about their preferences. Click on the image on right to read details.

We provide a number of interesting and important services, few to each set of our users – whether Public or Providers or Lawyers and Conciliators to ensure frequent use of our app. Through this we ensure that there is a huge catchment area for all types of Ratings, Reviews, Grievances, Complaints to be filed through C2SBook followed by their redressal, which is completely provided within one ecosystem.

We resolve this issue through provision of varied Services.

C2SBook has an interface which allows for self-translation of the text that arrives on a subscribers ID in a language different from subscriber’s linguistic preference. Therefore, when an English Speaking tourist arrives in a french speaking nation, the grievance filed in English is seen by the French Host in french and the response filed in French is visible to the traveller in translated in English.

DNSEA Rating Technology invested by the founder is an orbit-shifter as it provides information on both objective and subjective aspects of the object or service rated.

C2SBook enables not only rating and reviews but filing of complaints. As a consequence we have automated entire legal process vertical in countries where we operate.

C2SBook is world’s only such platform that enables discovery of respondents, who are yet not online and dispatch of complaint to them in an offline mode. This is a major USP of C2SBook.

C2SBook aggregates complaints.

C2SBook is also an excellent source of information for corporate headquarters of various companies, which have extensive public-dealing network of branches. This enables companies to improve customer relationship in individual branches.