Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

C2SBOOK is a major ecosystem platform that automates Grievance Redressal and digitizes & automates the entire legal process vertical.

Every dispute in a court of law was once an unresolved complaint

C2SBook starts with acknowledging that on occurrence of circumstances causing a grievance human rage that propels one into action is alive only for 17 minutes. In case no action is taken within this duration, one’s propensity to act falls exponentially.

Having said that humans are not released of the hurt, which on the contrary sediments and calcifies in one’s ego-psychological system. Leading to health damages through accumulation of such instances. Writing down the resentment and submit a grievance psychologically relieves one from the toxic impact of the hurt. We therefore, engage the users and detoxify the social environs.

C2SBook is the only one in the world that has created a globally valid product that automates not only the entire legal process vertical but indeed starts two steps advance of the point when a complaint arises. Complain is a mere response to specific circumstances that go beyond the possibility of restrain within the limits of providing poor ratings or following it up with a feedback. Either of them are done with an expectation of improvement in future. But in case the matter concerned is more serious than just a feedback a complaint has to be filed. Complaints too don’t deliver redressal by virtue of them having been filed. Often complains are unheeded or resolutions proposed are unfair.
This is where C2SBook is revolutionary. We let our users escalate their unresolved complaint to the next level and then to the next …. All the way to appellate courts of laws if the same is merited. Enabling all of this to happen at the tap of a smartphone without getting the aggrieved waste time and energy on filing, then preparing documents, finding lawyers or arbiters etc.

We digitally handhold the complaint all the way till the moment it is redressed. This automated escalation within the ecosystem is what sets us apart from every other online redressal system!

And what if the respondent is not available online….?
Here’s the surprise – we have a hybrid mode, whereby we ensure that your complaint is delivered even to those respondents who are yet not online.
This Digital Discovery of every respondent including those who are yet not online is a major disruptive innovation.

What is the user is a tourist and is in a new place or country and does not know the grievance redressal mechanism in the host nation…?
Well, this is the current situation, which leaves the aggrieved party with no option but to consider the grievance as fait accompli and live with it.
C2SBook, foremost lets you complain in your linguistic preference and delivers the complaint to the respondent in his linguistic preference. Simultaneously, the aggrieved party does not need to carry the burden of knowledge of how the host country works. As this entire work is already implemented by C2SBook, everywhere, where it is present. All the complainant needs to do is press the button ‘escalate’ in case his complaint is unheeded or unresolved.

And its not just about consumer complaints. Other than criminal complaints C2SBook entertain each and every type of complaint.

Various situations and complaint types entertained – and they are not all. Users are invited to discover more and more sectors for complaint redressal. Collectively, all the below mentioned complaint types are available on the system. More are being added progressively.

Some details on common Indian complaint types are mentioned below:

Sectors of complaints that can be filed are not limited to the ones mentioned above and the same is constantly enlarged. Through the aforementioned complaint types our endeavour is to cover more than 75% of all complaints that arise. So audaciously go ahead and discover newer types of areas that you can assist to rectify or improve in your society through complaint filing and procuring redressal.
This is not all. At the end of every financial year, we shall preceding the declaration of financial results of all the major companies involved in public services and departments, publish the “State of People’s Affairs” Report in which we shall highlight all the statistics, trends and progress.


Often, on the Respondent’s side, the personnel receiving Grievance is not the resolution provider. C2SBook therefore, allows for transfer of grievance received to others within the department and where needed escalate the grievance within an organization or transfer the grievance to another organization, in case the grievance received is to be handled by another organization.

C2SBook has a platform for competitive bidding by domestic and international Mediators, arbitrators, lawyers and experts for the cases that appear on the marketplace. Lawyers, Arbitrators, Mediators and Experts are all comprehensively rated. Thereby, C2SBook has created a marketplace of merit, especially for young lawyers.



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