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C2S KYC is a disruptive global service.

KYC in our context means know your client. The service entails marking certain of our users with ‘IP’ (Important Persons) and ‘VIP’ (Very Important Persons) stamp (category). The IP and VIP personnel are chosen automatically through analysis of the expenditure of people and providing the IP and VIP status to only a few (top few in percentage of the total number of people bidding). IP and VIP people can switch their status ‘on’ with a toggle button on their app. This ensures that they are visible to Providers (retailers) in whose premises they are located. Since such users have a propensity to make serious purchases, the Provider can divert best sales men to the said client, thereby substantially raising the total revenue that is drawn by Providers from most prospective Buyers.
The service is important not only for retailer of goods but also for Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels.