Don't cage the rage, C2SBook.

Our Approach

Systematic approach is what defines us.
It enabled us to create this elaborate & awesome platform. Sculpting this ecosystem, is as much a work of imagination, as much of a deep thoughtful business environment analysis!
The user interface has been left conventional & easy to use.

Our Story

Research showed that human rage declines exponentially 17 minutes after its occurrence and that if a complaint filing action is taken within this duration, the aggrieved will follow with the redressal process. Else, the desire to express a grievance amalgamates into inaction. Nevertheless, the hurt and resentment associated with the complaint does not annihilate, on the contrary, it sediments into one’s socio-psychological system. This calcification of hurt is highly damaging for humans, their environs & society in the long run, as it accumulates across long periods of time. Though rarely, but surely, it explodes in the form of a criminal act or implodes – as an act of self harm. A written complaint often, if not always, sheds one off the psychological burden of the resentment experienced in grievance stimulating circumstances. This freedom from hurt and resentment reinforces health of individuals and through them the health of society at large. We therefore, indirectly, but very strongly impact the psychological health of societies.

The other Story

The other story is that of our major invention – DNSEA, a technology that enables an orbital shift in the way rating is currently done. We have transformed the process of rating to its next level, ensured inclusion of both – its objective & subjective attributes and generally made it actionable. No more do users provide a completely subjective – ‘whatsoever to whomsoever’ – Star Ratings. A new star is born in the world of technology with DNSEA Rating.

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